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Established in 1986 under the name and style of ‘K..R. INDO GERMAN HOMOEOPATHIC PHARMACEUTICALS’ BY FOUNDER Dr. N.P.S. Gupta. The company is situated at Kang farm, Amin road, Kurukshetra. The company is engaged in production of DILUTION, MOTHER TINCTURES, ORAL LIQUID, TABLETS and OINTMENTS. The company has progressed so much than originally started.

Homoeopathy became spectacularly popular in the United States and Europe in the 1800s and its strongest advocates included European royalty, American entrepreneurs, literary giants, and religious leaders. But at the time that it was gaining widespread popularity, it became the object of deep-seated animosity and vigilant opposition from establishment medicine. The conflict between homoeopathy and orthodox medicine was protracted and bitter. We know who won the first round of this conflict. We await the results of the second round. Hopefully, we will soon discover that a “fight” over healing is inappropriate and that various approaches to healing are all necessary to build a comprehensive and effective health care system.

The history of homoeopathy begins with the discoveries of its founder Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), a German physician. Hahnemann first coined the word “homoeopathy” (“homoios” in Greek means similar, “pathos” means suffering) to refer to the pharmacological principle, the law of similars, that is its basis. Actually, the law of similars was previously described by Hippocrates and Paracelsus and was utilized by many cultures, including the Mayans, Chinese, Greeks, Native American Indians, and Asian Indians (1), but it was Hahnemann who codified the law of similars into a systematic medical science.

We believe that customer satisfaction is the biggest accolade to us. We believe that the customer satisfaction and the quality coupled with affordability is the only way to stay ahead in the competition. The success in satisfying the customer needs marked the acme of the company as a homoeopathic pharmaceuticals.
Our sales policy is to create customers. Our endeavor is to widen the customer base. A network of dedicated stockiest and a distributor and dealer is working throughout India.

KRIG’S Mother Tinctures

K.R. INDO GERMAN HOMOEOPATHIC PHARMACEUTICALS assures perfect quality Mother Tinctures with optimum efficacy. To ensure the bioavailability of active ingredients, all the Mother Tinctures are prepared from genuine raw material free from insecticide, industrial pollution and insect contamination. We import large shipment of raw material directly from U.S.A. Germany under our own import license. Mother Tinctures are prepared according to the recognized Homoeopathic pharmacopoeias under controlled conditions from properly identified and tested raw material. These tinctures have earned the reputation of being the best and with our continued care we expect to maintain this hard earned fame.

KRIG’S Dilutions

K.R. INDO GERMAN HOMOEOPATHIC PHARMACEUTICALS supplies best quality Dilutions as potentization is done with double distilled dispensing alcohol obtained from our own double distillation plant in our manufacturing unit with successive successions. We make back potencies strictly following in process control from the original Indian Mother tinctures as well as imported Mother Tinctures and crude drugs, which are imported from Germany and U.S.A.

KRIG’S Trituration and Bio Chemic

Triturations are made in K.R. INDO GERMAN HOMOEOPATHIC PHARMACEUTICALS with giant sized mechanical mortar and pestles with the finest lactose.
The tablets are compressed under high speed, fully automatic machines.

KRIG’S Patents

Prepared with utmost care and filtered with latest techniques.

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